What are dreads, locs, dreadlocks?

Dreads, locs and dreadlocks are all the same thing. People have different names of referring to dreads. Dreadlocks is hair that is allowed to grow in it’s natural state without combing. Dreads grow rapidly and can be groomed and styled in many ways. Dreads have been around for centuries. Original name for dreads is RASTA. 99% of dreads worn today are for fashion purposes and not religious purposes.

How are dreads started?

Dreads are started in various ways. People complicate things by using all kinds of methods. You can hand twist, palm roll or comb twist your hair to start dreads. Two strand twist your hair in medium sizes. Do not undo the twists. Wash your hair once every 3 weeks for the first 2 months. Re-twist your hair at the roots right after you are done washing it. In other words, re-twist your hair while damp. Do not undo the original twist. Get into the habit of twisting your hair at least once a week in the first 2 months. After the first 2 months, twist your hair once every 2 weeks or whenever needed. The purpose of twisting often is to allow your dreads to grow individually and not clump together. If you do not twist often your dreads will clump together and break off easily. Do not start your dreads too thin. Always start them a little bigger. Once your hair dreads, it will shrink to the size you wanted.

Can dreads be done with extensions?

NO! NO! NO! Actual dreads cannot be done with extensions. There is no such thing as instant dreads. If you try to do dreads with extensions, it will only be a temporary look. Do not confuse temporary dreads with permanent dreads.

How are dreads cared for?

To care for dreads is simple. Wash your hair once a week or whenever needed. Oil your scalp with Kelechi Hair Oil or Shea Butter. You must trim your ends at least once every 8 weeks. Do not allow your dreads to grow too long. Pick a length and stay with it. This is a good practice because your dreads hang better, they are not bottom heavy and they do not break off easily at the top. If you started your locs properly, you will not have a problem with thinning and breaking. Please kick out wax, petroleum, gel based products from your hair. They collect a lot of residue that will eventually sit at the base of your dreads. Keep it simple use natural oils and Shea Butter.

What is the history and origin of dreadlocks?

Dreads originated from Africa. It however become more popular through the Rastafarian religion. Rastafarianism began in the 1930s in Jamaica. Haille Sellase the last Emperor of Ethiopia in East Africa) is the Messiah in the Rastafarian religion. His actual name is Ras Tafari thus the name of the religion Rastafarian. Today Dreads are a fashion. People wear them for various reasons but some do not know that the roots of dreads are straight from Africa where it is still won by various ethnic groups.

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