Oil from the fruit of an exotic Shea tree has established itself in various fields of application: medicine, cooking and cosmetology, thanks to its nourishing and skin regenerative properties.

Shea butter — vegetable oil, with nutty aroma, cream or white. Solid consistency rather than a liquid, as is customary to provide oil in cosmetics. It is extracted from the seeds of an African tree that the locals called Shea or karite. Such trees grow only in certain parts of the hot continent, have thick bark and evergreen foliage. These features have made it a symbol of eternal youth among the locals.
80 % oil are neutral fats — triglitseridy. They are a source of energy for skin cells, deeply hydrating and promoting collagen.

It is the ability to influence the production of collagen and elastin makes Shea butter an excellent ingredient for anti-aging. Its main properties are considered: improving skin-elasticity and skin, combating the first signs of aging. Application of the Shea butter were found not only in cosmetics for Mature skin, but also in several other health funds.
High protection against adverse environmental factors is another valuable property of the oil. This is especially true during the winter cold or summer sun. Protecting from UV rays in summer and extreme temperatures in the winter, Shea butter is an indispensable tool in skin care all year round. Well it and in the fight against acne: Shea butter has anti-inflammatory action, reducing redness. Despite the solid consistency, the Shea butter melts quite quickly — already at the temperature of +35 °C, so it is often used in aromatherapy or massage. In texture it is non-greasy, light, absorbs quickly and leaves no Shine.

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