At any age women around the world try to look younger, and never ceases to care for themselves. Currently, there are many different cosmetic products that help maintain healthy and natural skin condition. If you look at the composition of these creams and lotions, you will notice that in many of them there is the Shea butter. And what is this healing oil with a strange name for us? So, the topic of today’s article – “the Shea Butter, the healing properties”.

It should be noted that Shea butter has long been used by Africans to treat various skin diseases, which for the first time and noted its healing properties. On the continent of Africa grows a tree, with the interesting name of vitellaria amazing (from the Latin. Vitellaria paradoxa), which translated into English sounds like shea-buttertree, and pulp seed seed which is the source of Shea butter.

The process of obtaining oil from the seed is a extremely interesting and time consuming. So, before the harvest of the tree that is the African Nations sacred, it must be fulfilled for at least 30 years. Next, the fruits are cleaned from the bones, and bones are drying. After which they are split, crushed, rubbed with a pestle, like thousands of years ago in a wooden mortar into flour. Then add water and cook to obtain a green homogeneous mass, which is coated on the surface of the oily film. Released the film removed, and the remaining mass is collected, washed, cooled and spread in the form of bars for storage in a cool dark place. The result is oil, white milky color, not scent. Some say only a light nutty scent.

Shea butter is extremely rich in its chemical composition. Consisting mainly from triglycerides (up to 80%) and unsaponifiable fats (up to 17%) in its composition also contains oleic, stearic and palmitic acid.

Thanks to its rich composition, Shea butter is used for skin regeneration and prevent premature aging. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy Shine on her and not clogging up the pores. In addition, vitamins and fatty acids that are found in Shea butter have a high sun protection properties, are excellent UV filters. Shea butter perfectly soothes the skin, prone to dryness and irritation, eliminates tightness and peeling. This effect is due to unsaponifiable fats, which contribute to the activation of synthesis of collagen.

It should be noted the fact that Shea butter not only nourishes the skin but also enhances its firmness and elasticity. In combination with the antiallergic activity, it is ideal for pregnant women care belly skin and avoid stretch marks after childbirth.

The positive impact of oil even on the skin of the child. Some people have still preserved the tradition of rubbing the Shea butter in the skin of newborns, to prevent them from skin diseases.

So, thanks to all these properties, Shea butter is widely used in cosmetics and is a component of high rank. Soap made with Shea butter, is considered one of the best. This is due to its low toxicity and high soothing effect. Based on Shea butter made of the cream for delicate skin around the eyes, which helps to avoid swelling, bruises under his eyes, fine wrinkles, relieve fatigue with age, making the skin more elastic.

It is also used for preparation of various creams for the body. The oil is gently applied to the skin, well absorbed, leaving a feeling of lightness and smoothness. It contributes to the excellent glide of the palms of a masseur, as a result, you will not experience discomfort during the massage. In addition, Shea butter does not leave sensation of stickiness and greasiness of the skin. Shea butter is an indispensable ingredient for the production of a series of anti-aging cosmetics, thanks to its restoring properties.

If you want to buy cosmetic products based on Shea butter, you should take a look at the list of ingredients. Preferably, for best effect to this component stood at the top of the list. This ensures the highest content in the product, and hence, the most effective result. Now you know how beneficial Shea butter, the healing properties which suggest you to experience for yourself!

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