The people of Africa have used Shea Butter for Burns for a long time, possibly centuries. Not just for heat burns, but also for sun burns (see below). As with any injury, consult your doctor or a physician before treating the injury yourself. For a minor burn, apply the shea butter liberally a few times a day as needed. You will likely feel a cooling sensation after application.

Shea Butter acts as a moisturizer in addition to it’s healing properties. For these reasons it is perfect for the treatment of minor skin injuries, including burns.

Shea Butter for Sun Burns

Sunburns really cause two problems. They damage skin and they dry skin out. Both of these effects are counteracted by Shea Butter. Shea Butter naturally promotes healing and also helps the cells regain their moisture retention. This makes Shea Butter an excellent choice for sunburn treatment. Also, a recent study has concluded that shea butter can actually keep the suns UV rays from mutating skin cells and your DNA. The mutation of skin cells due to UV exposure is one of the suspected causes of skin cancer.

As a preventative measure, Shea Butter can be used to reduce the risk of sun burns. Shea Butter has, roughly, an SPF (sun protection factor) of about 6. However, as mentioned above, studies show that it reduces the damage caused by the suns UV rays.

Try applying Shea Butter before exposure to the sun and see for yourself. As with any new product, there is no way to know exactly how your body will react to using Shea Butter for the first time. And, by extension, there is no way to know exactly how well Shea Butter will help prevent you from getting a sun burn. My advice would be to try using shea butter in conjunction with sun block prior to using it alone. If you burn easily, keep a close watch on your skin and how it feels during sun exposure.

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