Sean McVay informs Rams that he will remain head coach for the 2023 season after thinking about the future


The Los Angeles Rams don’t need to take a ride on the coaching carousel this offseason, as head coach Sean McVay informed members of the Rams organization that he will return in 2023. the team announced on Friday. McVay took a few days to think about his future after the regular season ended, but he’s not ready to put up the clipboard just yet.

McVay hinted at early retirement before the Rams won the Super Bowl last season. Jones noted last month that McVay “probably doesn’t even know” if he will have the same desire to commit to another season, with ESPN also reporting less than a week ago that the coach’s future was in limbo.

If McVay would have stopped coaching, chances are he wouldn’t have stopped playing football. “McVay the coach” evolving into “McVay the broadcaster” seems like something that will happen at some point or another. According to ESPN, Amazon was one of several NFL media entities to express interest in hiring McVay as an analyst.

“I find it flattering,” McVay said earlier this month when asked about networks’ interest in him as a broadcaster. “I think you said it best, these will always be things that you anticipate and expect to surface because I haven’t run away from the fact that over time or whenever that is , something is that I’m interested in. But kind of like what I said before, I want to be here right now, focus on that, and that’s where I am.

The 2017 AP NFL Coach of the Year just wrapped up the worst season of his six-year tenure with the Rams, as LA went 5-12 and missed the playoffs for the second time since McVay took over. Injuries on both sides of the ball hit the Rams in 2022 as they lost key players like quarterback Matthew Stafford, wide receiver Cooper Kupp and defensive tackle Aaron Donald over the course of the season. McVay, who turns 37 later this month, has a 60-38 record as a head coach.

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