Elon Musk reveals Tesla’s savior

Tesla has become the world reference in the electric vehicle niche.

The company and its whimsical and visionary CEO Elon Musk have become symbols of the automotive sector’s decline in CO2 emissions.

The automaker currently produces more than 1.37 million electric vehicles per year, digging a huge hole with its competitors. It is profitable at margins that make its competitors pale with envy.

The market cap reached $1 trillion in 2021 before collapsing to almost $390 billion currently. No other automotive group comes close. Toyota (TM) – Get a free reportthe world’s largest auto group in terms of production volumes, has a market value of $191 billion, while Volkswagen (VWAGIE) – Get a free report has a market value of approximately $83 billion. ford (F) – Get a free report and General Motors (GM) – Get a free report have a market cap of $51 billion and $52 billion, respectively.

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